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Sorting out multiple identities can be a hassle, especially if you’re a global citizen. The Sphere Identity app provides easy access to your personal information no matter where you go, saving you both time and effort.


Upload your personal information via the Sphere Identity app.


Share your information with anyone or any registered business you want to.


As the sole owner of your personal information, you can check and control its use.


You can now take your valuable identity documents with you wherever you go. Accessing them is easy – anytime, anywhere.


Upload and store your documents with confidence – information is fully encrypted, so security and privacy are assured.


Share your personal information on your terms. You’ll be able to validate your identity, sign up for services or shop online with ease.

The Sphere Identity app makes it easy for you to organise and access your identity information.

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You’re walking by the travel agency and you spot a great airline offer – but you need your passport to make a booking. With quick digital access to your identity documents, you’ll be able to buy your tickets straight away.

On the train home, you realise you’ve forgotten to purchase travel insurance. Luckily, your insurer is already registered with Sphere Identity, meaning, you can skip lengthy registration forms and processes just by clicking a button.

Sphere Identity saves your time both online and off. Safely share personal details with pre-registered businesses whenever you want, the choice is always and truly yours.