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Data minimisation — Why less is more

The quantity of personal data a business collects directly impacts the volume of customers it acquires.

Data minimisation is the prac... more

The call for efficiency in HR Onboarding

A sound employee onboarding program can help individuals achieve job satisfaction, improve engagement and increase productivity. To a veteran H... more

The Value of Data Quality 

A company’s success can be measured by the efficiency of the data it possesses. Analysts and decision makers rely on its accuracy and relevance to... more

Data protection for the hotel industry-A guide to Privacy-by-Design

Struck by a wave of recent data breaches, hotel businesses have been compelled to safeguard their security systems a... more

Mapping the Identity Gap

1. Large populations lack identity in every region

The absence of personal identification is a felt reality across the world, but particularly in Sub... more

A look at the future of employee onboarding

The labour market these days is dynamic, it enables businesses to stay relevant and competitive. HR teams are ready to build robust workforc... more

Self-Sovereign Identity: The key to digital independence

Self-sovereign identity (SSI), is built on the premise that the ownership of personal information shoul... more

The APEC’s CBPR, and its impact on your business

Data breaches have posed a significant threat in recent years. 2018 saw a 126% rise in the number of Personally Identifiable Info... more

The Need to Own Your Data

The internet allows you to extend yourself. It empowers you with freedoms not yet fully known and possibilities previously unimagined. We are living digital l... more

Identity and the Refugee Crisis

The world’s refugee crisis has risen to a staggering scale. War, persecution, famine and global environmental issues have displaced more than more

Privacy Compliance and its significance

The sharp rise in data breaches and the enforcement of privacy regulations have caused companies globally to revisit their stance on consumer pr... more

Choosing an Identity Vendor

The way a business interacts with its customers determines its success. The key to this interaction is the information that you possess on each customer &md... more

Your rights and the GDPR: what you need to know

On 25 May 2018, a new piece of legislation is coming into force in the EU. Called the General Data Protection Regulation (or G... more

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