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Sphere Identity streamlines the customer onboarding process in a safe and compliant way while also giving individuals their privacy back.

For your business

User experience

Sphere Identity’s technology enables you to sign your customers up without them having to type in a single word. So you’ll be able to lower abandonment rates and increase revenue.

Price and data flexibility

Pay only for the type and amount of data your business requires. Whether it’s 'Zero-knowledge proofs' or KYC-compliant data, you get an accurate and standardised format, supported by straightforward reporting.

Secure technology

Sphere Identity is powered by blockchain technology and applies encrypted distributed storage. In other words, data delivery has never been more secure.

A frictionless alternative to online forms and multi-step sign-ups

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For your customers

Sphere Identity makes it easy for your customers to access and organise their digital lives.


With online forms eliminated, onboarding is simplified. Customers have everything they need to sign up, available at their fingertips.


Our free personal app empowers users to exclusively own their information and share it with anyone they need to, at their discretion.


Supported by the most-secure technology, customers can confidently store and share their identity documents without worrying about data privacy.

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